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    Now I have all items on portfolio page with only small thumbnails 280×124.

    Is there easy way to change color of my text title when I mouseover thumbnail on my portfolio item?

    Thank you.



    because the thumbnails and the headline are two different html elements it’s not easily possible (i.e. it’s not possible by changing css code). If you’re familiar with jquery coding you can write a function to do this though.


    Thanks for the answer!


    Sorry my english, I have one more question – I was made many changes in css and change some colors for menus texts, and now all text colors in my main menu and in side menu are the same (color change only when mouseover now). And I can not see differencies between selected (pressed) menu item and non-selected. In your file on themeforest there is a bold text used for selected item on side menu and color selected item in main menu. Please can you tell me what exactly variables and where I need to change to make:

    1) any different color on pressed item in main menu?

    2) bold or any color in selected (pressed) item in side (left) menu?

    I hope you will understand my request :), thanx anyway.



    Can you post the site URL?

    Best practises dictate that you should duplicate a style and modify it at the end of style.css or in an external file (e.g. custom.css which you’d have to create and load into header.php) to make you changes.

    I’ll take a look once we have the site URL.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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