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    I was wondering how I can change the language of the theme from English to German. Is there a setting in the theme?

    Please do not offer solution that mean to buy additional things.




    Probably download WordPress here

    The theme is compatible with WPML, just so you know.




    The WPML plugin completely messed up my site!!!

    The posts are gone, all the work I have done gone!!! Compatible you said!??!?!?

    I need urgent contact from someone, chat or skype, I cannot spend time waiting for you to answer on the forum.

    Waiting for your urgent reply!



    Sorry for the delay.

    Please refer to this link on how to use WPML.

    This is Nick’s instruction.

    WPML is not the type of plugin that you activate and it takes care of everything else. You need to first set it up and configure it. Also you are aware that there are multiple versions of the plugin (cms & blog) with completely different functionality? Which version are you currently using? Is your site being setup as a blog or a cms?

    Please refer to the

    1) After you activate the plugin, you click the configure link right under its name in the Plugin section of the backend. You select the current language, the languages which you wish to translate into, then you select the language switcher options that suits your website, and click Finish.

    2) Now on top of the backend you see the language dropdown box showing the root language of the site – English lets say, and I selected Spanish as the translation( for this example). You now have two completely different backends in your site which are *independent of one another*, an English and a Spanish. So you first create a home page, or a portfolio page,or any page in English backend and save it. Then you use the language dropdown box on top in the backend to switch to the Spanish version of the backend , and *re-create* or import etc.. the Spanish versions of your English pages. You will notice in the backend the menu link ‘Flagship’ will become ‘Flagship EN’ and will change to ‘Flagship ES’ when you use the dropdown to enter the various versions.

    So, to answer your question. , If you have an English (root) template which you applied to a page you designated as your homepage. you would switch to Spanish (or your language choice) . But you would *NOT* see those templates nor the pages you just made because those are in the ‘English backend’. You would have to recreate them all over in the Spanish version. Then create a new Spanish page, apply the Spanish homepage template to it, and link it to the English home page via the dropdown in the Add Page or Add Post pages.

    If you’ve done all the above, and linked the translated version to the root version of the page and still are not seeing anything, please try re-installing the plugin and do speak to the WPML support staff and I am certain between the two support teams we will get you running smoothly.

    Let me tag the rest of the support team.




    If you just want to translate the theme into German (without a language switcher which allows the user to view your website in English or German, etc.) you don’t need to buy any additional plugins at all. I’d recommend to download & install version 1.5 of the theme (latest version from themeforest – we released the update yesterday) which includes the German translation files. You must install & use the German version of WordPress: otherwise our theme won’t load the German translation files.


    Ismael you just made me buy something that costs $79 and I do not even need it. I did not say I need multilingual site.

    Dude was on target…now I just need to get a refund for those $79.


    Hi andonov22,

    You should be able to get a refund from WPML though I can’t say for sure as we aren’t directly related.

    While Ismael did mention WPML, he did not instruct you to purchase it and instead said that using the German version of wordpress would probably be enough.



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