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    Congrate for the forum back again. I have waiting for a long time already. thank.

    I have a question about editing detailed view gallery. I need to remove the description of gallery and add “posting date”, “category” and “link website”. How to do this ?


    This is the sample image that i would like to have this look




    in almost every template file used there is a loop exactly like the one in index.php, you will need to edit them one by one. I will describe what to do based on the index.php file.

    In line 65 of index.php you can find the function call the_excerpt(); remove it to get rid of the small sample description and instead add the following template tags:

    This will display the category:

    the_category(', ');

    To display the post date use

    the_time('F j, Y');

    the external url is stored in a variable called $external

    You could utilize it that way:



    thank, kriesi.

    but i have another question about this

    1) how to add in “Category:” for category name and the link name should look like “Link:http://danielcollins.com

    (current setting is look like this > http://yfrog.com/n5screenshot20100720atpm0p )

    2) separate category, date and link in 3 different sentence like attachment image below

    (i want it to be look like this > http://yfrog.com/nbimagethatiwantp )

    below is the code i add in



    wrap each of the statements into span tags, for example like this:

    echo "<span class='one_line'>";
    the_time('F j, Y');
    echo "</span>";

    and style this with the help of css: (just append it to style.css)


    To style the category output refer to this page, there are several examples:


    to display the link different i would recommend to enter the whole link into the link field. with < a href=”link.me”>www.display.me< / a> and then use the external variable by only writting:

    echo $external;

    Please be aware that this will change, and maybe interfere with the output of the other display options (small and big) but to circumvent this you would need to change a lot of code, probably more than I could write down here) To keep this intact as well it would maybe be better to hire someone with extensive wordpress and php knowledge ;)


    Well you post it first hehe


    hi, i add this in my index.php

    echo "<span class='one_line'>";
    echo the_category(' ');
    echo "</span>";
    echo "<span class='one_line'>";
    the_time('F j, Y');
    echo "</span>";
    echo "<span class='one_line'>";
    echo $external;
    echo "</span>";

    then add the following code in “External Link” under Additional Gallery Options

    < a href="http://danielcollinsdesign.com/">danielcollinsdesign.com< /a>

    the effect show this


    there is no link for the address link and something wrong with the coding

    How to make the link look like this below

    Link : danielcollsdesign.com

    the link of the name is without http://www


    if i add


    in “External Link” under Additional Gallery Options, the link name show correctly but it cannot link to other website


    hm, ok I think to get everything as you like, it would cost a lot more time and resource then. thought it would work that way but it seems you would need to add new custom fields an get the value of those fields to be displayed and used in the frontend. This is maybe an hour of work for a seasoned wordpress author but more than I can put in a short description inte the forum.

    you might want to check this thread and get help for this job, if you dont know how to use and utilize custom fields.

    http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/ (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -to-make-some-money/24795?page=6

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