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    I’m running that dsidxpress plugin that builds mls listing pages dynamically (example above) and since it’s such a wide format, I want the default page template to be the full width template as opposed to the page with the sidebar.

    Is that possible? and if so will you please provide a code example?

    Thanks in advance.



    you can select the fullwidth page template in your page editor. On the right side/sidebar you’ll see a dropdown option box called “Template” – select the fullwidth template there and the sidebar will disappear.


    Yep, I’m aware of that, I’m asking to see if it’s possible to have the default page template be set to the “full width” template as opposed to the one with the sidebar. The reason I’m asking for the full width template to be assigned as the default template is that the dsidxpress plugin creates those listing detail pages automatically/dynamically (without human intervention) so there would be no opportunity to manually select the full width page template. I need it to be selected automatically.


    You can rename the template_fullwidth.php to page.php and then rename page.php to template_page.php. Open up page.php now and delete following code:

    Template Name: Full Width

    Then open up template_page.php and add following code at the very top (after <?php)

    Template Name: Page with Sidebar

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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