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    I want to customize the menu : color, background, size, borders etc …

    where are located those css functions ?



    you can use following code in css/custom.css to change the colors:

    #top .main_menu .avia_mega > .current-menu-item > a, #top .main_menu .avia_mega > li:hover > a, #top .nav, #top #wrap_all .main_menu .open-mega-a {
    color: #FFFFFF;

    #top .main_menu .avia_mega ul ul li, #top .main_menu .avia_mega > li > ul li, #top #wrap_all .main_menu .avia_mega .open-mega-a, #top .main_menu .avia_mega > .current-menu-item > a, .widget_nav_menu li, #top .main_menu .avia_mega > li:hover > a, .main_menu .avia_mega1, .main_menu .avia_mega2, .main_menu .avia_mega3, .main_menu .avia_mega4, .main_menu .avia_mega5, .main_menu .avia_mega > li > ul, .main_menu .avia_mega > li > ul ul {
    background-color: #2E3D4A;

    and you can change the border size with following code (increase/decrease the value):

    .main_menu .avia_mega1, .main_menu .avia_mega2, .main_menu .avia_mega3, .main_menu .avia_mega4, .main_menu .avia_mega5 {
    padding: 8px;

    Basically you can use tools like firebug: to investigate your website and to find the right css code.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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