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    hello……i cant seem to be able to change the site title and tag line……also the popular – recent – comments – tags is not appearing after i uploaded the theme and the whole mega menu thing and all the others are not appearing instead home – sample page etc is appearing… i am totally new to all this sorry and thanks


    Hey! This is probably because the “title and tag line” is a logo image used by the theme. you need to upload your own logo to replace that image.

    This can be done in your wordpress backend at Shoutbox->theme options-> logo

    the popular/recent/comments widget can be applied to a widget area in appearance->widgets

    To create a mega menu you need to “build one” on your own in the appearnace->menu section.

    If you are new to wordpress in general you might want to hit the import dummy content button in Shoutbox->theme options to make the site look similar to the theme demo. That way you can learn how its done by looking at the imported settings in your backend…


    Thank you very much….but can i customize the popular/recent/comments in the widget area to add categories and then list many pages under it….like this website…notice how all the holidays with the RSS are listed under categories…i would like to do something like that if possible…..thank you


    sorry forgot to add that the Home is appearing twice on the menu and i cant seem to find were is the other home button is coming from…thank you


    Hello i resolved the problem with the home button showing twice….i need as i mentioned in my first massage to add categories to the popular/recent/comment widget area…as of now i have it listed in a widget alone and as i mentioned i would like to accompany an RSS feed to every category like in the website if possible…also very important…notice in their web site the permalinks for all the posts are under calendar instead of the (day and time) no matter were you go in their site…if you hit a post or any article it would show that its under calendar….how can i do that…thank you very very much


    Hi worldsurfer,

    You would need to modify the actual widget for that and then add new css styles since it would change the layout of the whole widget. I would recommend trying to find a widget plugin that satisfies everything you are trying to achieve since modifying the widget code is a bit more complicated than a beginner would want to get in to.

    The RSS feed above the posts/pages is also something you might want to look at a plugin for. You can achieve the same result by creating some custom css and then inserting the HTML into the top of each page/post but a plugin would probably be easier for you.

    I hope this helps, but if you could try and explain a little more clearly I might be able to help you further.




    Thank you Devin, ok for the widget and RSS i will try with a plugin as you suggested….and will let you know if it works….now for the the posts, i want all my posts to go under CALENDAR if you notice in the website any post no matter its page or a category when you hit for the post it will always be like this in my posts it goes like this were do i need to post to get a calendar instead……thanks


    You can change your permalink settings under Settings>Permalinks .

    See here for more information:

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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