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    First of all i use custom menu with categories, who enter my website they see the blog page not the gallery. And blog page have include the another categories. How can i do this?

    Also, when i look my url its seems like that …com// have got 2 ” / “. why?



    did you solve the problem? The status is set to resolved :)


    ahh i choose it by mistake :DD can you help me ? :)

    i try everything but not resolve it. then i giving up. main problem is; i cant appoint the gallery template to any “page”. its only show like not :) and the second one is my “home” icon is always slip. for example i want it like that Home | Contact | About Us. it slip to Contact | About Us. so home icon is substitute the contact. why? :) and // 2 slash problem is continue. (only my interior link.)



    You can add your blog page to the menu too. Just create a new page (i.e. call it blog) and go to Expose Options > Blog Options. Select your “blog” page here and afterwards go to Appearance > Menus to add this page to your custom menu.


    Ok so I’m having this problem. I have sub categories for my sub menu but the sub menus are showing up as top level links

    I need the home button to say home, how do I do this?


    I would like to have my navigation look like this



    you’re using the Expose child theme for Genesis framework and not our Expose theme:

    Please contact the authors of the child theme.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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