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    I’d like to apply dynamic templates to single portfolio entries. In Propulsion documentation, it is said that it’s possible (under dynamic template section : “…It doesnt contain any elements yet but we will add some in a second, first lets apply the template to a post, page or portfolio entry of your choice. Simply open the entry you want the template to be applied to and look out for the “Page or Post Layout” Sidebar…”), however this custom layout box sidebar is not enabled on portfolio entries.

    I found how to enable it (cf. register-admin-metabox.php and adding ‘portfolio’) but then when I choose a dynamic template it is not active. Could you help me to achieve this please?

    My goal is to customize the look of my portfolio entries :

    – I think the slideshow is way oversized (and I’ve read on your support forum that a solution would be to add a righ sidebar)

    – If you have another simple solution to minimize the slideshow, I’m interested :)

    – I’d like to put the portfolio title above content and remove the left column (and replace it by the right sidebar).

    – I’d like to add a featured image to my entries which is not taken from the slideshow (is it possible?)

    You can have a look at my website portfolio here :

    In short, I bought Propulsion theme for 3 clients, I’d like to be able to customize portfolio entries more deeply.

    Thank you very much for your help

    Jean-Louis / Courtmetrage



    It’s been 4 days I’ve asked my question.. Could you please help me?

    I’m currently installing Propulsion for 3 clients (I bought your theme 3 times), it’s quite urgent..

    Thank you very much


    Hi guys,

    Now 9 days i’ve asked my question.. I don’t understand why everyone is getting answered quicky and I’m not at all..?

    Is there any problem with my question? Is it irrelevant ?

    If you can’t answer or if it’s not possible to achieve, could you just tell me so? That way I won’t be checking your site everyday and I’ll look for other solutions.



    Well I guess I’ll keep posting until I get an answer… I really don’t understand why you don’t help me.

    That’s not cool at all. After buying the same theme 3 times..


    I too am looking for this answer!

    Please guys can you help!


    Hi Courtmetrage,

    I think this might be an issue of incorrect documentation in the help file. I am double checking with Kriesi to be sure as I don’t always know everything :)

    Also, I am really sorry it took this long to answer you! We’ve just implemented a new way to track support requests so the bump yesterday by dccs52 brought the topic back into my view.


    Bonjour Jean-Louis,

    J’ai le même problème que toi avec cette template, le slider est trop grand pour chaque post (portfolio).

    J’ai vu sur ton site que tu avais réussi à ajouter une sidebar à gauche (ce qui diminue la taille du slideshow), pourrais-tu me dire comment faire ?

    J’ai vraiment besoin de toi aide, merci d’avance.





    Just for clarification: Portfolio items do not support dynamic templates at the moment.



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