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    I would like to do two things:

    – Delete the information below the commentsform which html-tags can be used (My readers don’t understand html and do not need that information)

    – Add a checkbox-button from a comment-plugin below the submit button wit the following code:

    <?php if (function_exists(‘subscribe_reloaded_show’)) subscribe_reloaded_show(); ?>

    The plugin I am referring to is:

    Where do I have to put it? (I am no coder!)

    Thank you.



    Hi Boris,

    You can hide the HTML comments by adding this to your custom.css or Quick CSS.

    .form-allowed-tags { display:none; }

    Mind you I’m not familiar with this plugin but I believe the file you’re looking for is called loop-comments.php in the /includes/ folder.




    Hi Mya,

    Removing tags worked.

    Placing the checkbox did not, though…

    Please have a look:

    I want to place a checkbox between the submit button an the checkbox, that ist already there for addig yourself to the newsletter.

    The code that need to be inserted is: <?php if (function_exists(‘subscribe_reloaded_show’)) subscribe_reloaded_show(); ?>

    Thank you, so far!



    It’s not easily possible to modify the standard WP comment form but I’m sure it’s possible (probably you can use hooks to add a custom field or custom code). Your best bet is to search with google – eg “comment form hook wordpress” gave me useful results.


    Thanks, I invested some money in a php-coder, now!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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