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    I saw one of the members website and on their menu section they are able to display the main photos along with subcategories.

    Can admin please explain how to adjust setting for this?



    Admin please reply. its been 3 days and still no update.




    I made a screenshot with short instructions:

    Best regards,




    I am having trouble getting it to display. I log on and uploaded my photo and inserted the HTML code as shown by your screenshot. But nothing is showing up. Maybe i am not too sure exactly how to set this up and would appreciate if you can reply with step by step instruction.

    Thank you very much


    almost 24hrs and still waiting for some assistance. please help out.



    1.) Insert a Menu(ex. Animals)then check “Use as Mega Menu” option.

    2.) Add another menu below the Categories menu and name it Dog for example. You will know that it is added on the mega menu when you see a “Column” on the right side of the menu title.

    3.) Now, to add an image on the menu. Use the Custom Link metabox. Enter a dummy text on the url and the content then click add to menu. Place that menu below the Dog menu.

    4.) Edit the new menu and write a space sign like this


    to the URL and another on the Navigation Label, this is just a trick otherwise you will not be able to save the menu. On the description place an HTML tag like this:

    <a href="http://localhost/kriesi/abundance/?page_id=635"><img class="noLightbox" src="http://localhost/kriesi/abundance/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Abducted-5.jpg" /></a>

    5.) Check the option.

    Use the description to create a Text Block. Dont display this item as a link. (note: dont remove the label text, otherwise wordpress will delete the item)

    6.) Save the menu.




    Hi Ismael,

    Thanks for the step by step instructions.

    Everything was clear and i was able to set everything up according to your instructions.

    However, i uploaded all the resized photos onto photobucket and attached the link onto the description place, and it says that it was not able to locate the photos in file.

    Any ideas how to resolve this?

    Appreciate the help


    Hi vsit,

    It’s possible that your Photobucket is not public. Since I’ve never used them, I’m not sure what options are available. Have you tried to add the images to your Media Library using Media > Add New?

    Upload a photo by going to do Media > Add New and following on-screen instructions. Make not of the File URL which will look something like this:

    Copy that URL then paste into area where you PhotoBucket URL is.



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