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    when I type some keywords into the search form and then arriving at the search results overview page, then I have a blank sidebar on the right.

    In NEWCAST’s theme settings, for adding special sidebars to the theme, is nothing how I can add widgets to the search results overview page. I would like to have a very special sidebar only for the search results!

    How can I do this?

    In search.php at the bottom is the sidebar mentioned.

    Found an example here, but I don’t know how to get it:




    You can use widget logic:

    Eg the conditional is_search() will display the widget on the search result page only.




    Thanks, but I don’t understand this.

    When I look at the menu “widgets”, I have several sidebars with their contents.

    But I would like to have a search result page with content that is NOT on another sidebar; so I don’t know, where I should put a “widget-logic” widget; it seems to me, that I first need a sidebar where I can put this “widget logic” in. I cannot put this into another sidebar, because I don’t want to show widgets in the search results page that appear on other sidebars!

    … it’s a bit too “technical” for me, so where can I get a “sidebar” to put widgets like widget logic into it?



    ah okay, I think, I have understand the principle of widget-logic now, so forget my comment before please.

    But nevertheless, it still doesn’t work:

    What I have done is, I have added for testing this a normal text widget to the sidebar “Frontpage sidebar left” (I’ve tried also “Sidebar Blog left”), typing some normal text in it:

    Screenshot Widget:

    In the widget-logic-field of this text widget, I add – as you have told – is_search().

    The result is:

    this text widget is not shown on each sidebar at my site – so far so good, but it is also not shown on the search results overview – the sidebar is empty.

    I type some keywords in the search bar at the top of the site and then I get an overview of all posts matching to these keywords:

    Screenshot Frontend:

    Is is_search() really right for typing it in the widget-logic, for showing at the search results?



    Hi colorit2,

    Unfortunately we aren’t able to offer support on third party plugins. The original question is best answered using the plugin (its the easiest solution) but the actual implementation of it isn’t something we can directly guide you in.

    I would suggest checking the developers documentation on how to implement it. Otherwise, I believe the Search page uses the widgets that are displayed everywhere.(either right or left).




    Thanks, Dude, for the hint with the plugin. It works only with your suggested syntax, when it is added to the “show everywhere” sidebar, thanks for being so patient, Dude!



    Yes sure :) – the reason is that other widget areas are displayed on certain pages only and the filter doesn’t cover these pages :)

    Best regards,


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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