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    I am having a bit of trouble finding how to add Portfolio items. I have set up a Portfolio page and tried adding in a post but nothing is appearing.

    Please see site in its current state

    Any help would be very appreciated thanks.



    first of all, great work on the photos. i love minty car! :)

    Did you specify your portfolio page under Portfolio Options?



    Once you’ve read through the documentation, try importing the Dummy Content which will set up a few portfolio entries for you. You can then edit these for your content or create your own using these as a template to help you figure out where everything should be :)



    Hey guys, thanks for the responses.

    I did find out in the end how to do this, I have got one Portfolio entry in at the moment. I had to create a Portfolio Category to be able to post on the Portfolio page.

    @jpcapili Thanks but what do you mean ‘minty car’ ?

    I think I have now set up the framework for my wordpress site the only problem i have now is having the featured images in Blog posts appear in RSS feeds, as a work around at the moment I am going to just add small thumbnails into the bottom of my blog posts.

    Thanks again.


    When I’ve found a solution to the rss problem I’ll post it. It shouldn’t be difficult to get featured images for the rss feed. I must admit that I’m also interested in this feature :D.


    this mint colored card.. looks amazing! :)


    Thanks dude would be great to not have to use extra images in the post!


    Oh yeah and @jpcapili thanks! I hope to do many more of the speed/digital paintings in the future!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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