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    Hi – how can add an image to the Addtional Header please?

    This post :- (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -headline

    …suggests inserting the “<img…” tag, but unfortunately all that does is insert the actual “<img,,,” text.



    Sorry, one more edit needs to be made to header.php because the output is being wrapped in H2 tags.

    Open up header.php, find this code:

    if($headline != "") $headline = '<h2>'.$headline.'</h2>';

    and remove it. If you want to use text headers, you’ll need to add <h2> before and </h2> after so it shows up correctly.


    Excellent – thx!


    I’ve tried, but what I get is the html line code, inside the additional header.

    I’ve done this way:

    – removed the line code if…. from the header.php

    – inside the Additional header of my portfolio post, i wrote <img src…… to recall my image

    what is my error ?

    tnks a lot


    Just replace following code in header.php:

    echo '<div class="center">';
    if($headline != "") echo $headline;


    echo '<div class="center">';
    if($headline != "") echo html_entity_decode($headline);

    Please don’t modify anything else – you can even preserve the <h2>, etc. tags.

    The Dude


    ok, i’ll try right now.

    Tnks a lot


    Hope everything works fine…

    The Dude


    Yes it works, but i thought it was a real background image and not like an image inside a post. This way I don’t need it.

    Thanks however.

    I grabbed an image but i can’t attach here


    Yes it’s “just” like a normal image but you insert your logo, etc. instead of an headline.


    tnks for reply.

    How can i do to remove the margin/padding when i put image there ?… i wanna blend it better with real bground



    By adding style=”border:none;background:none;” to the image tag. Like:

    <img src="my-image.png" style="border:none;background:none;"  alt="" title="" />




    Thank you for this one, it allowed me to add ad banners on the site ;)


    Glad that I could help you.

    The Dude

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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