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    I really like the Eunoia theme and I have the following questions:

    1. How do I ad a copy of the main-menu in the socket below the footer like you have en the demo)

    2. How do I remove the backlink in the socket – “WordPress Premium Theme by Kriesi”?

    3. It seems that the width of the portfolio images is not aligned perfectly to the right with the width of the site. If I am using 4 columns, the width is 3 px more narrow than the rest of the site. And if I am using 3 columns, the width is 4 px more narrow. How to correct this?

    Thanks in advance :-)



    1) You can assign a menu to the socket/footer area – go to Appearance > Menu and add assign an existing menu to the socket area or create a new one and select it for the socket area.

    2) Add following code to the very bottom of functions.php:

    add_filter('kriesi_backlink', 'inoplugs_backlink');
    function inoplugs_backlink() {
    return '';

    3) I just checked the portfolio on your page and it displays fine:

    However because of the responsive layout (which is based on % values and not pixels) it can happen that the layout is not pixel perfect. That’s a technical limitation and the result of a % calculation can vary from browser to browser (eg if 33% converts to 333,3px some browsers will display a 333px element and other will round the 333,3 to 334px, etc.)


    Thank you for quick reply!



    1)In Appearance > Menu there are two slots on the top left. Please create 2 menus populating each with the links you want and name each one differently. Then add one to the Main menu slot and another to the socket slot.

    This will only happen once you create the main menu first.

    2) Please open footer.php located at the base of your theme and find line 67 which looks like

    $kriesi_at_backlink =	apply_filters("kriesi_backlink", " - <a href=''>Wordpress Premium Theme by Kriesi</a>");

    to completely remove it just change the line to

    $kriesi_at_backlink ="";

    or if you want you can change the url and the anchor text to something else.

    3) Each row is made up of 4 images and 3 vertical separators, The total width of each box containing the image and a separator is 285px * 4 columns = 1140px total width of row. Same as width of header and footer.Same for 3 images with 380 being the width of each box.





    1) Already found it – thanks!

    2) Great, thanks!

    3) It looks fine in Chrome and Firefox. But in Safari, the 3 column portfolio is only 1136 px wide. I gues I’ll wait for an update from Apple :-)

    A new question:

    On my frontpage I have a Bruce Lee quote just below the menu. When I center the text with the <div align=”center”> tag it changes til appearance of the link in the text, so it just change the colour of the link text instead of showing the read box behind the link. However I like the change and do not want it reverted, but it seems that there is double space before and after the link text. In the editor I only have a single space both places… How can I correct this?

    Kind regards.




    <div> tag have usually id, class, style. Align is old school html for a few html tags before css came onto the scene and is obsolete,

    <div style="text-align: center;">
    “If you want to learn to swim <a href="" rel="lightbox[auto_group1]">jump into the water.</a> On dry land no frame of mind is ever going to help you.” – Bruce Lee</div>

    However, its better to separate the styling from the content

    <div class="bruce-lee-quote"> </div>

    then in your custom css file you would decorate it

    .bruce-lee-quote {
    text-align: center;



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