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    First, I purchased this theme after first viewing the other themes by Kriesi, reading many posts in the support pages for those themes, and viewing the live demos and screen shots. I almost purchased Kriesi’s DISPLAY theme a few weeks ago, but decided to build some content first (mainly slides for my slider and some post content).

    I created a set of custom image/text slides for the slider in Kriesi’s DISPLAY theme (in anticipation of moving to that theme)…then I saw this new theme Avisio.

    I have a need to show many slides (my slides ARE the main content, not just a teaser to some page). So, I have 60+ slides and many more to come in the future. My slides were created at 940 x 420 size (recommended at the time…a few months ago…by Kriesi for the other/older theme that was using CU3ER as the slider).

    The Avisio slider slides are 940 x 440. I saw in the forum threads that a user can change the slide height (so the slides do not get squished or stretched). So, I am OK with that.

    My concern is the number of slides I can use in Avisio.

    I seem to recall reading one of the threads said to only use about 5 slides MAXIMUM for the slider. ??

    I suppose that had something to do with the display of the slider THUMBS beneath the slider.

    So, please answer these questions for me:

    1. How many slides can I have in Avisio using the AVIA SLIDER? Is it “unlimited?” (I may want to have 250 in the future.)

    2. Will I need to eliminate the slider THUMBS from the home page IF and WHEN I have more than 5-7 slides? Is that easy to do?


    Can you recommend an alternative IF there is some inherent reason for NOT using so many slides on the slider in THIS theme?

    Please understand that the slides are already built, I don’t want them stretched, and they have text on them, and they are the content that I want people to see. In other words, I don’t want a theme SLIDER that only shows 5 – 7 slides. That would be too limiting.


    As far as I know there aren’t any limitations but I haven’t tested it. I don’t know what you plan to do but I can’t recommend it at all –

    1) because of the page size – 250 slides will cause a lot of traffic.

    2) Who has the time to look at 250 slides?

    3) You should use photo galleries like nextgen gallery for your project instead of ONE slider.

    You can delete the thumbnails under the slider by deleting following code from index.php – there’s no reason to keep them if you really want 250 slides on one page…




    Thanks for the reply and your thoughts. :)

    I am open to suggestions on this and NOT defensive. I am trying to learn how to use Avisio (since I bought it for this purpose). :)

    I understand your reaction. I also don’t expect anyone to sit through 250 or even 100 or even 50 slides. :D

    So…perhaps I should explain why I thought the SLIDER was the answer to my needs.

    I have created these 60+ (going to 200+) SLIDES that each contain an image and a quote/text. I want them to be easily viewed. I want them to be resistant to easy copy/save so the slides stay on my site.


    The reasons I wanted to use the Slider in the Avisio theme is because :

    1. (minor point first) I wanted the slider to do it as it is already built-in the theme and I want to eliminate or reduce conflicts with plugins and upgrading etc.

    2. More importantly, I want the slides to be seen but to prevent (discourage) copying the slide images (by right click save image as). I cannot copy/save as the Slider images. But, EVERY example of the use of NextGen Gallery I have found on the net (their site, users sites) allows the images to be copied/save as even when the image is open in a lightbox.

    I am no expert on your theme or NextGen. So I could be wrong. But, it is my impression that the SLIDER does NOT allow copying (save as) of the images (my slides) while NextGen Gallery implementations DO allow copying and saving of the images. Perhaps there is a way to make a NextGen Gallery NOT allow saving, if so, please let me know (support or other readers of this post). :)

    Have any thoughts on this or corrections or suggestions?

    My goal is to show lots of slides ON MY SITE (does not have to be 100+ in the slider) WITHOUT allowing those same slides to be copied/saved.

    I simply thought the Avisio Slider would do that.


    Some type of gallery with thumbs and captions (key word) may work for these slides (as they have a photo and quote and text on the slides). But, I am not aware of how to make one that prevents the copying/saving of the slides.

    IF I were to use the “porftolio” feature of the Avisio theme, would that not mean I would need to create 100-250 separate POSTS and then post a single slide in each post, then have them all under a portfolio category (e.g. “Quotes”)?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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