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    As I understanding this theme support not only gallery posts. But Also there is a possibility to create Blog, with classic look and its own categories. I created Blog page as it described in Template Documentation Template. But I can’t find information about managing it. How to create posts for Blog, Ho to create Categoris… ??? Any Idea?


    Just go to your admin panel > posts and add new. Then write your post and publish it under the category (on the right side) you chose for your blog.

    Under admin panel > Avisio options > Blog options you can exclude and include categories.

    The Dude



    You wanted to say “Expose Options” =) Yeer I thought it should work this way… but I don’t have option to choose category for blog.

    I have only 3 options in my Blog Options

    Blog Page – The Page you choose here will display the Blog in addition to the normal page content:

    Blog Page Headline – Enter a Blog headline that should appear above your gallery entries here.

    Blog Overview Preview Images – What should happen if a user clicks an Image on the Blog overview page?

    I really surprised, that this process wasn’t described on “Expose WordPress Theme” Documentation by “Kriesi” v1.0


    Sorry, my bad — had no coffee until now :-). I forgot to deactivate Avisio and activate Expose on my test server :-).

    I answered this question yesterday in this thread: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) #post-1132

    Please ask if you’ve any problems.

    The Dude



    Sorry but I can’t understand you answer. Do you neat that have create another folder on my server and load WPfile anf another WP Blog, witch be my bog?


    No. I was refering to:

    What configuration do you have under: Design > Expose options >Blog options and Gallery options?

    You need to define a blog site there and you can exclude categories from the gallery under “Gallery options”.

    So you choose a blog site and afterwards you exclude the blog category from your gallery under “Gallery options”.

    Then you publish your post only under the blog category and it will appear on your blog site.

    The Dude


    ok. My steps are:

    (1) Pages/Add New – Creating Blog Page! (While creating Blog Page In Page Attributes you should choose – Blog Overview!

    (2) Then go to Appearance/Menu and add Blog Page to curent menu (it was already created before) – Save Menu

    (3) Expose Options/Blog Option – Select blog page you create in (1) step and wich you add at (2) step

    (4) Expose Options/Gallery Options – in Gallery Categories choose only those categories wich should be displayed in gallery.

    (5) Create new post and put it into new category, it will appear on the blog page!

    It’s done!

    ps. Why noone told me about “Blog Overview” option? I don’t no =)

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