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    Sorry for the really newbie question, can anybody tell me step by step how to get the

    latest version of Abundance 1.3? (Like what do i have to do)

    Any help appreciated. Cheers, Danielle


    Go to Themeforest and download your Abundance-theme again :)

    – JoNi


    are there files i just need to replace? If so like example if i go into my FTP where do i replace the specific files and which are they?

    Sorry once again for newbie question.



    It’s okey :)

    It’s possible to replace files but then you must know which files to replace, and that could be really hard..

    If i wanna update my website I usually do it from scratch.

    I guess a “Head Of Support” could answer this question :)

    – JoNi


    The themeforest zip file contains a file called “version.rtf” which is a basic changelog. You just need to replace the files/folders which are mentioned in version.rtf and your theme will be up-to-date again.


    Hi Dude,

    I am confused i downloaded the newest version of the abundance theme and i see the file version.rtf

    HOwever, I am not sure where i am suppose to over-write this on my server i have all these W-press folders


    stats folder




    then a bunch of .php pages, I would really appreciate it if you can explain this in details of what to do as I already mentioned that i am newb.




    The theme folder on your server is located in wp-content/themes/abundance/

    if you have made any modifications to the theme files I would recommend to only update the files mentioned in the version.txt file. Otherwise you can simple replace the whole themefolder with the new one.

    Settings that you have made in the backend are not affected by replacing the theme files, so only changes you have made directly to the files would be lost.


    Hey Earlybird80,

    The only folder you’ll be replacing files in is the wp-content>themes>abundance folder.

    Open that up and you’ll see all the theme files. Now you can upload the files mentioned in the changelog. So for instance, updating from 1.2.1 to 1.3, you need to upload the entire config-woocommerce folder so that it overwrites the old files.


    i am not sure if i did it right and if the overwriting of files worked, is there anybody here that could tell me if the upgrade worked properly? I have no problem giving my user/pass to my WP login, as there is nothing on my site at the moment anyways.

    plzzzzzz :)



    Hey! A link to your site should be sufficient, I can check the stylesheet and see if the version number is 1.3.

    Also you should be able to check it for yourself when under appearance->themes.

    Your active theme should be abundance version 1.3, in case you have replaced the whole folder


    Thanks here is the link to my site



    I think the update did not work properly. At least style.css shows that you’re using version 1.2.1 instead of 1.3. Please upload/overwrite the theme files again.

    Best regards,



    Hi all,

    I replaced the entire woo-commerce folder with the new one, but my site is still saying 1.2? Can I email the site link to someone to take a look? Thanks!



    Please post a link here. You can use services like to encrypt the url.

    Best regards,


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