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    I have made a full back up of my site and moved to another server – which has worked until I tried with choices.

    Everything has exported/imported except for the theme options. which has made the site reset back to the original setting; choice logo, choices strapline at the top etc…

    I have read through numerous threads but no one seems to have come up with a solution (except for an expensive plugin) and the other options given was to copy the theme options ‘side by side’ which would not be an option if the site fails and you have nothing to reference.

    Can someone please help with this?

    Thanks in advance.





    Hi ruseld,

    As far as I know the only way to do this is by copying over the avia options set in the wordpress options table. Even then I’ve recently read of some bugs and it not working correctly (which Kriesi is looking into).

    The best course of action is to re-set the various theme options. It isn’t the quickest option but it will get it done and working.




    Thanks for your response.

    Where are the avia options set’s stored?

    Re-setting the various theme options would be very time consuming as it loses all the page templates and the styling… basically starting from scratch.

    I wanted to be able to back up sites I have made in choices so they can be quickly/easily restored if the worst was to happen. I have be able to this before with other wp themes and its a real time saver.

    Thanks in advance



    Hi ruseld,

    The options are stored in your MySQL database which depending upon your host is most likely phpMyAdmin.




    Thanks for your response Mya,

    I am making a full back up so all the files should be there then?

    Do you know if someone is working on a solution to this?



    Hi R,

    What you are looking for is the single $avia superobject that the framework uses to store all the theme data. It will be in the WordPress options table.

    I’ve been pushing for a front end solution to this so I’ve not dug very deep into checking copying over the $avia data and how that works across different servers though I know it has been brought to Kriesi’s attention that there are some issues with it and the avia framework.




    OK, thanks Devin.

    Just seems weird that if your ‘cloning’ all the files it doesn’t copy across the $avia superoject part.

    Is there time-scale on this as it would make moving to server’s or URL’s so much more efficient…



    Hi again,

    I have found a file that refers to it (class-database-option-sets.php) but am still none the wiser, can you access the $avia superobject framework through FTP?

    Thanks in advance



    Hey ruseld,

    FTP won’t work since they are in the wp_options table. I believe there are actually a set of three entries for choices. From what Kriesi has said:

    "avia_options_choices_dynamic_pages" (defines the pages)
    "avia_options_choices_dynamic_elements" (defines the elements for those pages)
    all other options like theme colors etc are stored in "avia_options_choices"

    You’ll need to use something like phpMyAdmin or whatever your server uses to access the wordpress database and then find those in the wp options table.




    Ok, so I have tried to figure this out but still none the wiser.

    I don’t understand why if I have made a full back of my database it still isn’t copying over the option files. How do I go about accessing these entries you mention above?



    The wp_options table in your database for wordpress has a number of entries which are named above. So using something like php myadmin you would access your database and then open up the wp_options table and look for those entries.

    I’m really not sure why exporting the entire table isn’t working at the moment, but from what Peter mentioned in another thread it looks like an error with the avia framework but neither of us can say for sure. It will need to be investigated fully by Kriesi.




    Ok, I have now looked through the options table and found these files in the original database. I will give backing it up another try and see if they transfer across or not. Hoping to get some time nearer the end of the week.

    Thanks for all your help and I will keep you posted once I have given it another go…

    Just out of curiosity what software would you use to back up or move your sites onto a different server? Obviously something that isn’t too expensive.



    Personally I use: however I’m not sure if it’s the best solution. Some users reported that: works quite well but I didn’t test it.

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