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    Hi, I’m using the theme Coherence for a customer, first they asked to have two languages 1: Danish 2: English, now they’d like to remove the Danish version and only go with the english one.

    Is there any ‘easy’ way to do it – or what do you recommend?



    Make sure that you duplicated the content for both languages or for the English language on this case. Go to WPML > Site Languages > Add/Remove Languages. Uncheck the Danish language then click Apply.




    Hi Ismael,

    Alright – can I thereafter uninstall the plugin totally?



    Did you try going to the said option above? Can you remove the danish version?




    Hi again,

    No – it’s grayed out because it’s the default language.

    Anyway, if I change it so that the default language is English – it can’t find the pages, the urls are shifting around and it don’t fint the content?


    Hi again again,

    I figured out why, now I have removed the Danish version. That fine :-) What now? How do I get rid of the plugin without returning to the Danish language?


    Probably you need to set the standard language in wp-config.php:

    If this doesn’t work I’d recommend to contact the WPML support staff – they probably know the plugin features/options better than we do and they can tell you if it’s possible or not.


    It worked, thanks!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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