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    I have successfully hidden the navigation titles from the pages and created my own images to replace them. However, I still find a space where the title used to be and it causes the rest of my content on my page to drop down. I would like to remove it completely so my page titles will move up into this space.


    The problem is that instead of the titles a line break is displayed. You must remove the line break and your text content will move up.


    Okay, I appreciate helping me understand what it is. I’m still unable to locate where it is to remove it. Could you clue me in?



    Can you post the site URL?



    Hey guys. When I saw this post title I thought it might contain information that I would like to know. i.e. how I remove the page titles from the content area of pages. Just a suggestion but if someone has worked out the answer, it might be worth posting it anyway so the rest of us can learn without having to ask the question again. Any help much appreciated



    You add something like at the very bottom of the style.css to hide the page title.




Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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