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    I want to reduce the amount of white space between the featured image slideshow and the body text. Please advise if this is possible. Thanks



    You edit line 810 in style.css (wp-content/themes/habitat)

    padding:40px 39px 40px 40px;

    Make the first 40px less (like 25px) to move the body content closer.




    Thanks Noah. There still seems to be an inordinate amount of white space. I don’t have header text – just body text. Is that what is causing the white space?



    Do you have a screenshot or access to your site? I only see a landing page

    Best regards,



    Here is a screenshot (i’m working in stealth mode right now with a coming soon landing page).

    Thanks Noah!


    It looks like the logo might be pushing down the banner a little, you can try adjusting the top margin/padding of the banner area, possibly making it negative. If you have a URL directly to your site I can tell you more.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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