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    I really like the format of the Demo site description in Gallery.

    This is what i mean.

    Can you give me the code so that i can use it as a template?

    Thank you !


    Hi hanlinsg,

    That is just plain text added into the images description field when viewing it from wordpress Media area. As long as you have the option turned on to show exif data for that gallery it will automatically show the Description and title of the image.




    Hi Devin, ok, but how do i format the text like the Demo site? There is no formatting options or buttons for the description field.



    You can add something on your custom.css

    .description {
    font-size: 15px;
    color: red;




    I’m sorry,

    what i meant is the formatting, not size and color of the font. How do i do the exact same as the demo site?

    Can you provide me with the exact coding for the description of the demo site? I would like to use it as a template.

    Thanks a lot!


    The formatting on the demo is just plain text. IE, there is *no* formatting except what comes with the theme.




    please have a look at the screen capture below

    You see, there is first a ‘Evelyn Moakly Bridge…..’ (that’s the title, and i know how to input this.

    then there is ‘Aenean commode……’ that’s the description, i know this too.

    NOW comes formatting,

    How did you make that flashlight symbol up there?

    ‘Camera: PENTAX K-7’ How did you make ‘Camera’ in bold and ‘PENTAX K-7’ a light font?

    then, how did you make those separate lines?

    then, for the line Shutter: 30 and ISO:100, how did you divide the field into half?

    have you guys got what i mean?

    Thank you!


    Hi, please help, i’m waiting for the answer in order to carry on my work.

    Thanks a lot!




    Someone please help.


    Hey hanlinsg,

    You just need to turn on exif data for your images under the Gallery Option “Gallery Tooltips”. The option is the longest one which says “Show Tooltips with title, description and exif data”.

    If your images do not have embedded exif data it will not show up. You’ll need to use a photo editing program to add the exif data if it is not already there.

    Also please keep in mind that on the forums here each time you self-bump/respond it pushes the topic to the back of our Queue since we go oldest posts firsts.



Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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