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    just started using newscast

    site here

    read the newscast documentation. made a page for home. the documentation doesnt seem to say anything about making a page the mainpage. i have made 3 posts with images that i want in the slider. selected the slider i want but it doesnt show up on the home page. i have made all the posts in the category of banner and selected that category for the slider.

    can anyone help please. what am i doing wrong?


    dont worry, i had a page as my home page from a previous theme. i deleted it and now ive got some action


    Glad that you solved the problem :)


    I am having the same problem…Just started using the theme today. Not sure why the images are not showing up on the home page…I set them as the featured image in 2 posts, and expected to see too slides, but nothing….

    Also, would like to have a HOME link but not sure exactly how to do this either…sorry —total newbie here…



    1) You need to assign featured images to your posts/pages. On the right side of your post/page editor page you’ll see a “set featured image” link/option. Click on it and choose the image you want to assign. If you want to use the image as post/page thumbnail and slider image do not insert the image into the post/page text field directly but use the “set featured image option” and click on “Use as featured image” instead of “Insert into post”.

    2) You can use the menu manager which can be found under Appearance > Menus. Create two menus – the first one call “First” and the second one “Second”. Then add your menu items to it.


    EXCELLENT! Thanks so much!!

    Another question:

    On the home page — — I would like there to be static content as opposed to a post. It says “Nothing Found” referring to posts. I don’t want actual posts, just some welcome type text.Possible?

    When i make the home Page “static” it removes the slideshow and other features which i would like to keep.

    Again — THANK YOU!!



    Unfortunately Newscast doesn’t support a slideshow and a specified homepage page. You could however, modify index.php to display your content (either hardcoded or add a WP Query to pull in a page you specify).



    Can the same post remain at the top and be used as if it’s a page?

    How exactly would you use a “WP Query to pull in a page?”

    This seems like a serious limitation being that most people are using the theme as a website rather than a blog. Why can’t you fix this?


    O that is a bummer……hmmm….is there a way to disable the post features – especially the “Comments Off” text?


    If you want to display a page instead of posts have a look at this thread:


    Checked out the thread and that worked perfectly – Except it still has the appearance of a post – with date, author, comments etc…

    I had created a new page — id=212 — why does it appear as a post…am i missing something?

    Thanks so much!!



    add following code to style.css (at the very bottom).

    .home .entry-head{
    display: none !important;


    You are a master!! Thank you!!


    Glad that I could help you :)


    Hey, one more question – for now anyway…Which of your themes would you recommend for an e-commerce site? Would any suit better than another?

    Thank you!!



    I think the main choice to make is which layout / style do you prefer?

    Personally, I like the look of Brightbox and Upscale but it’s down to your personal preference.



    Thanks! I am not seeing a theme called upscale…


    It seems like Kriesi forgot to add Upscale (his latest theme) to the portfolio. You can find it here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /241085

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