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    How do i get the “header” with pictures like you have in live Preview?



    you need to add featured images to your posts or pages. Please have a look at the documentation (lit. B10) “B 10) Adding Content (how to create gallery entry and preview images)”


    Sorry but I dont understand. Where can I find documentation (lit. B10) “B 10)? Please explain exactly.



    the documentation is part of your themeforest package (zip file). It includes the theme files, the documentation and psd files (photoshop files). Please open index.html (located in the documentation folder) and search for “B 10) Adding Content” – a tutorial with screenshots will tell you how to add featured images to posts and pages. I can’t describe this in a better way so I refer you to the documentation :)


    Thank you. But i still have some problems. When i upload a featured images to my post it disappear when i make a new post. I want the “header” with many pictures to be there all the time. It should not disappear when i go to contact or about me. How should i do?

    My next problem is when i make a new post on portfolio the pictures disappear and it the buttom “read more” is there. I want the whole post. How do I change that?

    Sorry if i ask so many question but im very new on this.

    If you dont want do explain and make it simple, you can get my log in information and make the “header” with pictures for me, i will put the pictures in gallery. And then change the set up for portfolio…



    1)Habitat is designed to show the latest post images as fullsize slideshow at the top. If you create a new post the slideshow of an older post will be replaced by the new post content. You can try to sticky your post (which includes the “header images” you want to display) – it will stick to the top and other posts will get displayed under your images. You can make your post sticky by using the Publish settings in your post/page editor (Visibility > Public – Stick post to top)


    You need to add the same images to other pages like contact, etc. if you want to use the same “header images” for all pages.

    2) If you want to display the whole post content in your portfolio you need to edit template_portfolio.php

    Just search for following code line:


    and replace it with:



    That explain everything, now I understand. I purchase this theme because I loved how you can put the pictures at home page. And i thought that the pictures always where there, not that they disappear when I make a new post,go to contact or if I will leave a commentary in a post. I thought the pictures allways where stick!

    I have tried with sticky my post but it dont work.

    Please, it is possible to get my pictures stick there all the time? Somehow?



    I tried the sticky option on my test server and it worked (changed post dates, etc, and it was always on the top). Please create an admin account and send me the login info to (Email address hidden if logged out) – I’ll have a look at it.


    is there any way to make the sticky post not visible but still leave the slider at the top spanning the entire with? i have made my post sticky and i have my slider in place but now there is a empty container that displays the date and twitter stuff off to the right and the comments and category stuff in the center. is there a way to make sticky posts not visible as i will not be using them at all for my page other than this.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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