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    Sorry my english, I have one more question – I was made many changes in css and change some colors for menus texts, and now all text colors in my main menu and in side menu are the same (color change only when mouseover now). And I can not see differencies between selected (pressed) menu item and non-selected. In your file on themeforest there is a bold text used for selected item on side menu and color selected item in main menu. Please can you tell me what exactly variables and where I need to change to make:

    1) any different color on pressed item in main menu?

    2) bold or any color in selected (pressed) item in side (left) menu?

    Hope you will understand my text :), thanx



    add following code to style1/2/3.css (at the very bottom):

    .catnav .current a, .catnav li a:hover, .catnav .currentli_item a, .catnav .current-menu-item a, .catnav .current-menu-item a{
    color: #000;

    Change the color as you like.

    If you’re side menu uses a menu widget the code will work too. If it uses the page list widget you can’t mark the active item easily.


    Thanx for reply, but not work for me, may be this .catnav from another theme (not Display) or may be I have old Display version (from end of 2010 year) ? I cant find .catnav – there only some .nav, .nav li, .nav li ul … Well I think again and understand that with my menus/portfolio structure this is not very important feature whole.


    Replacing .catnav with .nav solve the problem! thanx!


    Yeah – sorry I used the wrong theme for the nav code. However .nav is the right code – glad that you found the problem yourself :)

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