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    Hi. Someone just posted this same question a couple of days ago, and then responded that they figured it out on their own (and didn’t share the solution). Good for them, but I have the same question! How is this done?



    That was me … sorry.

    The solution is:

    -> In WordPress go to “Design” (Menu on the left)

    -> klick on “Menus”.

    The Structure of the Main Menu should be displayed (Home, Portfolio, … )

    -> Click on “Home” (e.g.) and a couple of “entry fields”show up like:

    – URL

    – Angezeigter Name ( = Home) -> here you can edit it

    – Beschreibung (=where the heart is) -> here you can edit or delete it

    . etc.



    picart_uk – thanks for helping us out :)

    Best regards,



    Thanks everyone for the replies, but I still don’t see it. When I go to Appearance > Menus, I do see the list of menu items on the right side with the dropdown arrows. Clicking the dropdown arrow for the “Home” menu item reveals three fields that can be updated: URL, Navigation Label, and Title Attribute. I do not see the “Where the heart is text”, nor do I see a Description field.

    I am sure that this is going to be a forehead slapper when I figure this out, but I just don’t see it. Help?



    Hey Joyce,

    When in the Menus manager go to the top right of your screen. There should be a little tab labeled “Screen Options” and when clicked it will drop down a panel of options for that page. Just go to the checkbox for Description and select it so that you will have that option visible when expanding the menu item.




    Yikes. No wonder I couldn’t find it. At least I don’t feel too stupid asking the question. That was harder to find than I expected. All set here. Thanks, Devin, for the answer.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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