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    I would prefer not to have to re-do my *entire* list of settings I spent hours creating, but when I update to the new theme by uploading it, it just creates a whole new theme. Is there a way to update without losing it all? Thanks


    Hi smithwood,

    All of your theme settings are tied to the name of the theme with WordPress. If you’ve modified the theme files directly then no, there is no automatic way to update without having to re-do those php changes.





    You can override the theme files via FTP. Please watch this video, this is for Enfold but the process is the same:




    Thanks, I will from now on just overwrite using the version text and the associated files. This is really quite klunky. I did not change the PHP, I made the customizations you tout in selling this theme. Updating lost pretty simple yet essential things like the logo and tagline, things that really should not be nuked when one updates a theme, no?


    All of your theme settings are *not* lost when you update the theme files.

    So no, there is no issue with updating this way as I demonstrate in the video tutorial Ismael linked.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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