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    I am using my own css hover effects for my images, but there is still an opacity applied to the image elements everytime I roll over them. Think it might be prettyphoto?

    Can I disable this altogether?

    Or can i use some css to stop it happening?

    When I roll over an image the element style it gets is {
    display: block;
    opacity: 0.6;
    z-index: 5;

    The class that it is also reading from is

    .lightbox_video, .lightbox_image, .image_overlay_effect, .image_overlay_effect_inside



    any help?


    Hi Fika,

    You can use a css code to stop it from fading. Try adding this code in your Quick CSS or custom.css:

    .lightbox_video, .lightbox_image, .image_overlay_effect, .image_overlay_effect_inside {
    opacity: 1!important;

    This way the opacity won’t be changed. Hope this helps. :)

    Best Regards,



    Thanks, I actually set the display instead of opacity before…This worked, except the opacity value should be 0 and not 1


    Hi Fika,

    Glad that I could help you. :)



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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