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    Hi there, display is a GREAT theme!

    However, the flash 3D Image slideshow does not resize when the browser changes resolution ie Ctrl ++ (in firefox). I have checked the code but cannot see how to change the <embed> tag to allow for resizing. Can you help? Will the .fla file need updating?




    Anyone? or is this impossible? It looks awful when enlarged as the flash box background is bright red!


    I’m sorry that’s not possible. The images which are displayed via Cu3er have fixed dimensions. In my opinion this feature wouldn’t be useful because users who use Ctrl ++ want to have bigger text and not a zoom effect so the can’t see only parts of the slider. :-)

    The Dude


    So what about IE’s percent view (zoom level) button which resizes the whole webpage? Actually as more and more people use larger screens, they want to view the pages zoomed in, not just enlarge the text. I use this a LOT on a 22″ monitor.

    More importantly why is the Cu3er using fixed dimensions?!? Every good implementation of a flash viewer uses resizable dimensions (see youtube for an example), thats just short sighted (or extremely old)!

    Surely there is a way to get this fixed?


    You’re free to contact the author of Cu3er here: Cu3er

    You can find the online documentaion for cu3er under following link – maybe you’ll find useful hints there:

    The Dude


    Hey Dude,

    which version of cu3er is the Display theme using? If its still v0.9.2 then this is the old BETA software (with bugs) and unsupported!

    Will the new(ish) v1.0 be ported to the theme? If so when?


    Yes Display is using Cu3er 0.9.2 Beta. I don’t know if the newer version will be ported to the theme – that’s something only Kriesi can decide. If Kriesi decides that he won’t support the new Cu3er slider I’m sure he will give you reasons why. If you want to get a refund (although I don’t believe TF will refund you something) you need to contact TF support directly. This slider version is also used in the live preview and it is nowhere mentioned that Display uses the newest version of Cu3er. You can’t get i.e. your money back from Microsoft only because they don’t provide the newest drivers. But you can try it…

    The Dude

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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