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    Hello again! I want to delete the date and the tweet in the side of the post and use a social button bar instead of this! How can i do this?



    You can open single.php and replace the following:

    <div class="date_container">
    <span class='day'><?php the_time('d') ?></span>
    <span class='month'><?php the_time('M') ?></span>
    <span class='year'><?php the_time('Y') ?></span>
    <?php if($k_option['single']['acc_tw'] != '') { ?>
    <div class="tweetmeme">
    <script type="text/javascript">
    tweetmeme_source = '<?php echo $k_option['single']['acc_tw']; ?>';
    tweetmeme_url = '<?php echo get_permalink() ?>';
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    <?php } ?>
    <span class='date_container_bottom'></span>
    </div><!-- end date -->


    <div class="date_container">
    <span class='date_container_bottom'></span>
    </div><!-- end date -->


    There you put “YOUR CODE FOR SOCIAL BUTTONS HERE” what i put exactly there? i would prefer to have a widget there!


    You can use this widget. To add a widget you can follow (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -wordpress-themes-footer-1033″ class=”bbcode_url”>this tutorial, and insert it at YOUR CODE instead of in your sidebar.


    I was wrong! I didnt’t want to write widget.. I would like to add 2 social buttons (facebook and twitter) to like and follow every post..How can i do this?


    You can place the code for your twitter and facebook social buttons on the previously mentioned YOUR CODE HERE part.

    To get your original twitter code back you can restore the code to what it used to be and start from there.


    Where can i find the codes of facebook and twitter?


    The only way to have a facebook button correspond with your post is to add a plugin. Your best bet is to find one here

    Same goes for twitter.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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