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    I’ve looked around the forms for the answer to this but can’t find it.

    I’d like to have a sidebar on the front page. The page is still called “Welcome” as it is out of the box. In the Frontpage Template, i have “right sidebar” selected for Dynamic Template Page Layout. No sidebar appears. I have added a sidebar to “Welcome” under the Sidebars tab in the theme options. In Select a PAGE that should receive a new widget area i’ve selected “Welcome!” and hit save. Then i’ve gone to the widgets screen and added a widget to the new “Page: Welcome!” that has appeared. Still no widget on the front page in a sidebar.

    Any ideas?



    Hi bearcatsand, I had the same issue.

    Go to the page on wordpresss with which you created the page itself, then on the right lower bottom choose “right sidebar” instead of “use global default”. Also check if you put something into the widget area which needs to be created for “Page: Welcome”

    did it work? Regards, hansvolk

    I use replete theme by the way but maybe it’s the same for your theme – good luck! :)


    Thanks, but I have the frontpage dynamic template selected instead of “right sidebar”. If i choose ‘right sidebar’ i lose my ability to use this as a dynamic template.

    So i guess the question is, how can i have a sidebar with a dynamic template?


    Hi bearcatsandor,

    At the top of the Template Builder interface for that template, you just need to select the sidebar style you want from the ‘Dynamic Template Page Layout’ dropdown.




    Having the same issue. Opened the Template Builder interface for the template I created. Selected the sidebar style I wanted from the Dynamic Template Page Layout dropdown.

    However, when I choose the template for my front page, it gives me no sidebar. The only way I can get a sidebar on my home page is to choose “Right Sidebar” in the Layout box on the edit page.

    Thanks …



    It could be an issue with a specific layout within the builder but in my testing on my live install it only needed to be set above the individual template.




    Thanks for your reply.

    So what information might you need in order to assist me (and the other poster) in figuring out why this configuration doesn’t work as I’ve understood you to describe it? I’m happy to provide any info that would help, because I’d really like this template to work as you describe!

    Thanks …




    This is an old issue with the “Page Split” element. Basically, you can’t have a sidebar with a “Page Split” element. Remove all “Page Split” elements on the dynamic template.




    Thanks for the suggestion, Ismael. But that’s not the problem.

    My dynamic template has the following settings:

    Dynamic Template Page Layout: Right sidebar

    Add Elements:

    Heading (+Breadcrumb)


    That’s it.

    Here’s what my page looks like when I use the dynamic template for my front page.

    You can see that the slideshow is stretched across the width of the page, and my “sidebar” is sitting below the slideshow.



    I was able to make a full width slider and got the right sidebar attached as well. There is a little trick with the sidebar, since i add it with the 2 column layout, a custom one. Just see my settings.

    This is the template ->

    Slider Settings ->

    And the sidebar i used the custom sidebar made from the table in template. (see above image)




    Thank you, Nick! The screenshots of the template and slider settings are very helpful. :) I’ll give this a whirl later today. Appreciate your help!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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