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    [button size=”xl” color=”red” text=”light”]Custom Button[/button], You need to put some example links for the example shortcode buttons in the example shortcode page, Buttons without links have no meaning, I know a bit of html, but cannot get this working. I tried to put in a href but it doesn’t work.


    Another problem I noticed is that the length of the button, seems to change with written text although the button size is specified and set as “xl” for example.



    This is the complete shortcode for Avia Button. The button options are clearly defined.

    [button link=”” size=”xl” style=”alert” color=”red” border=”blue” text=”light” class=”optional-css-class” window=”yes”]Shortcode Button[/button]

    link = URL of the website you want the button to link to.

    size = Size of the button. small, medium, large, xl

    alert = The icon beside the button text.

    color = Background color of the button.

    border = Border color of the button.

    text = Color of the text inside the button.

    class = Unique class for an individual button. Helpful when you want to change the button appearance using custom.css.

    window = Option to open on a new window/tab or not.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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