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    hi is it possible to highlight the top menu item when you hover over the sub menu one.

    the site is

    to make myself more clear. for example the first menu entry is:



    now if i hover over unternehmen it will get blue. but if i hover over informationen the link is allready active but “unternehmen” won’t get blue. thanks and regards



    How have you made the hover color for “Unternehmen”?


    I got it:

    .main_menu .menu li a strong:hover {

    color: #a882bd; !important; /* hover for main menu */




    I have found a solution for your question here:

    .main-menu-description:hover {
    color: #a882bd !important; /* hover for main menu description */

    The main menu description is no link. Works fine at my site, just change the color to yours.

    The only “strange” thing is now, that, when hovering over the main menu item (“Unternehmen” in your case), the main menu description is not in its hover color and vice versa – I’m not sure, if I like this.

    There should be a solution, that when hovering over BOTH, seeing now the desired hover color?!?


    hey colorit2 everything you wrote did not help me a bit.

    here is what i want: when hovering over the menu description the main menu element should become blue while the menu description stays green. your css is no solution since it conly changes the hover color for the description.

    hope to get in touch with the support soon.




    Hi Thomas,

    Not that I can see. Once you move off the top menu it is no longer being “hovered” over so it isn’t active as far as the browser can see. It might be doable with some javascript, but that is really only a guess.




    hey devin,

    check out my the page which i created with kriesis display theme.

    there you can see the behaviour that i like to achieve.

    you hover over either the menu item or the span and the whole thing gets highlighted.

    it’s possible as you can see in the other theme.




    Hi Thomas,

    It may be possible, I just can’t provide the code to do it for you. If you’ve done it before then all I can really suggest is to take a look at the css you’ve done before, compare and do the same with Corona.




    okay no problem, i will have a look and let you know if it works.



    Sorry about that but I hope you can get the effect you are looking for :)



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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