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    I am sorry if this has been answered, but I can’t find where do I upload this 1500 x 430 images for homepage slider. How or where do I create this slider or slideshow? Replete documentation didn’t help for me…

    I am talking about the top slideshow at with 1500 x 430 images and with texts and buttons overlaid, animated using I guess jQuery.


    Maybe I need to install this “BB Press Forum Software” plugin too? I will never have any forum on my page, so I didn’t want to install this plugin.



    Please Import the dummy data then check the Replete > Template Builder. You’ll see how the slider is created. :)




    Thank you Ismael.

    I did import the dummy data before and I was looking at “template builder” before, but I couldn’t figure out (until now after 2 days of hitting my head to the wall) that I actually need to enter a new page. In this new page that I called “Slideshow page”, I added 2 images under “Featured media” section. I set layout to “Frontpage” and set slideshow option “autorotation active” to yes. In theme builder under “Frontpage>Slideshow” I selected this page for slideshow and slideshow is showing now.

    But why should I figure that out on my own? Anyone could simply write this 3 lines of tutorial for dummies like me. Aren’t there any step by step tutorials? Replete documentation doesn’t contain any details under Slideshow section, only this:

    “Slideshow adds the slideshow of the entry the template gets applied to. This way if you apply the template to different posts and pages it will still display the featured images of each individual entry. Uses the slideshow settings defined in the post or page.”

    Please, where can I get answer to my next question:

    How to overlay different titles, texts and buttons over every image in animation?

    (Like on your demo front page slideshow.)

    In my “Slideshow page” text content I have entered this:

    [slideshow 3]
    [slide title=”Test1″]Test1 content goes here.[/slide]
    [slide title=”test2″]test2 content goes here.[/slide]

    … but there is still no text overlaid over any of my 2 images slideshow.


    Finally found answer to my question.

    I am writing this for newbies like me…

    I found out that every picture in “Featured media” list (at the bottom of “Slideshow page”) has two links on the right “remove” and “show”. This “Show” link actually opens settings for overlay texts, titles, buttons, custom animations… and so on.

    I don’t know what is upper short code used for, but I guess it has nothing to do with this. Now my text content is empty and slideshow with overlaid texts and buttons finally works.


    Hi partituradoo,

    Sorry you had so much frustration with it. I think at some point the reference to this video for the slideshow was removed: and for layouts:

    Replete, Choices, Abundance etc all use a very similar slideshow system so the basics of setting them up is very similar if not identical in many cases.




    Thanks partituradoo, I can not figure out myselft!!!

    I was waiting for this answer in my ticket, i will close it and paste the link to this thread.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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