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    I’ve created my homepage slider using a post with three featured images. All was working great. However, once I’ve created a new post… the slider disappears. How can I set one post as the “fixed” homepage slider? I would still like to be able to add and display other posts below the slider. I just don’t want the post that I designate as the homepage slider post to ever disappear as the homepage slider (similar to your demo site). Please help. Thanks in advance!


    Hi. Maybe I’m not understanding it correctly… Per the thread link you’ve provided, I’ve changed my “fixed” post title as blank/no title, add
    in html editor. Then I’ve changed the index.php code per your suggestion. Unfortunately, nothing has changed. The “fixed” post still appears below the slider and once i’ve added new posts, the slider went away.

    I would like to have a fixed slider that will remain unchanged on the homepage no matter how many new posts I will add after.

    If possible, I would like to “hide” the fixed post from showing below the slider.



    The workaround should work. If you set a post to sticky it will be displayed first before (all) other WP posts are displayed. Please check if you set the “slider post” to sticky and that all other posts are not sticky.


    Thank you! Thank you! Wasn’t familiar with sticky posts. Had to google it. It works now!


    Glad that you could solve the problem :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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