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    Hi, it’s not very clear in the documentation how to setup the slider for the homepage.

    I want to create something similar to what you have in the Slidershow Frontpage in the live preview:

    – Slider with different posts (or portfolio items)

    – Display image caption and showme more button


    I have the same question. Great Theme, btw!



    I think you need to create a dynamic template (slideshow element + portfolio element) and apply this template to the frontpage. Then upload featured media images on the (front-)page editor page with the “Add image to slideshow” button. You can configure the cption, etc. settings by clickiing on the “Show” link which is displayed on the right of each image thumbnail.


    Hello…thanks for your reply…Unfortunately….I am not a programmer but I tried this solution however the images still do not appear in the slider. My site is goldchipinvest.com

    Please advise


    Can someone please send me screenshots or a more thorough explanation of how to place a slideshow on the frontpage? I created a dynamic template as suggested but I do not know how to apply the template to the frontpage that causes the slider to appear. I get a blank area where the slider should be. Thank you in advance for your assistance.


    You guys need to import the dummy data and work from there. Once you import the dummy data it pretty much creates the demo version. From there, just modify the files accordingly.


    Thank you so much realmisr, I really appreciate you making an effort to help……however importing the dummy data does not give me an option to choose the alternative frontpage

    . I want to display the alternate frontpage…which is list under the “Home” dropdown menu in the demo. When I import the data. The alternate frontpage isn’t an option for me.. Its not listed under the Home menu. So I asked in an earlier post how to create the slider.

    I have erased everything and started from scratch twice. Tried to follow the exact steps suggested. Please advise.


    To be clear – its the “Slideshow Frontpage” that I am trying to get accomplished. When importing the dummy data..it does not provide the slideshow frontpage template page. In addition, when following the documentation to create a Slider…..only a blank area is displayed. Please advise. I know someone is using the slider feature…just wish I could get a step by step process or at least be able to import the files so that my dummy data would include the template page that I could simply modify.

    To explain in more detail. After going to the admin panel and importing the data. I go to visit the site to review the template pages (that were imported)…hoping that the template page “Slidershow Frontpage” is among the pages that was imported. Unfortunately it wasn’t included..or at least its not anywhere I’ve found.

    So now, I go to create the page as suggested in the previous reply. I call the page “Home” then move down to the slideshow portion where it ask for me to add images. I add the images and click on the show button to add caption. Then I add two additional pics for the slideshow choosing the time to rotate the images. Next, I go over to the right and apply this to the frontpage. But alas…..It still does not work.

    I’ve only created several sites using themes from themeforest. Typically, the slider aspect is a no brainer. I add images..and it works. No need for adding a portfolio. So…how does the portfolio relate to the adding the slideshow images if only doing a slider with three images? Also, when I add the slider element…the element ask which to link..post, page, or link…but no adding images there…I must go to another page to add images to the slider…I think..?? Well…at least I tried this.

    At this point, I am aware that two to three days of attempting to simply adding a slider function to my frontpage is not the experience I expected when buying this theme. Please advise. Anyone?


    Ok here is what you need to do, step by step from the beginning.

    1) Import the dummy data.

    2) Go to angular template builder.

    3) Click on the front page tab to modify the elements in the front page.

    4) Add a new element called Slideshow and put that up top. Save all changes.

    5) Go to your “Pages” section and go to the welcome page to edit it.

    6) If you look on the rightside, it says it’s using the dynamic template of the front page (from the template builder)

    7) scroll down and click on “add image to slideshow”

    8) add your images you want in there, and add them all to the slideshow. Exit.

    9) now all you do is arrange the order of the images, and/or add the captions to them images.

    10) update your page to save it.

    That’s how I got mine to work.


    After such a great answer…I would have only hoped that it would have worked. But alas…I still only get a blank area where the picture would display. :(



    Ok…I can see that the slideshow placeholder is there…but the image does not display. For additional support for this theme (asap)…what are my options?



    as multiple things have been posted I’m a little confused what the issue is at the moment. The support crew is here to assist you with most of the theme-related issues. We try to respond within 24 hours though it’s been very hectic the past few days so it can take a little longer.

    Could you restate your issue(s) please, we’ll try to respond asap.


    Hello Chris,

    Thanks for responding. My issue is that the slider element fails to display any image or video that I upload or select to include within the slideshow gallery from the Welcome page (which I selected to apply to the Frontpage.)

    I am attempting to recreate the “Slldeshow Frontpage” example as shown in the Angular demo or as shown here -> http://kriesi.at/

    My website is Goldchipinvest.com


    ok. I assumed it was a permissions issue. However..after testing the permissions…there were no change in the slider display. I still only get a place holder section where the image should display. I also suspected that possibly some of my plugins maybe causing the issue. I removed all the plugins then attempted to add images to the slideshow. And although I can see the placeholder for the image on the frontpage…still the image fails to display.

    After testing these methods, I again deleted the theme and re-installed it. Everything installed fine yet after applying the Welcome page as the Default Template for the Frontpage..and adding the images into the slideshow…still the slidershow does not display any images.

    Is it possible that you can login my admin and check this out? After following the suggestions made above..what else could cause this issue?


    As requested by Chris Beard, I clarified the issue with the theme.

    According to Mr. Beard, “We try to respond within 24 hours though it’s been very hectic the past few days so it can take a little longer.”

    It has been over 24 hours since I replied with more clarification regarding the issue. No response has been posted by Mr. Beard or any other staff member. Please advise at what time frame should I expect a response to the issue that I have described in my previous post.

    I don’t think its unreasonable for me to expect a response within the time frame posted.

    1. Screenshot of Slideshow element created and placed a the top


    2. Screenshot of Welcome Page with images loaded into Slideshow gallery with Frontpage selected


    3. Screenshot of the Frontpage after uploading images into Slideshow and applying the Welcome page as the Frontpage Dynamic template


    Thank you kindly for your assistance.


    ***I resolved the issue***

    WP-prettyPhoto plugin caused a conflict with the Slideshow. By removing the WP-prettyPhoto, the Slideshow began to work.

    Hopefully this helps someone else.


    @nevaquit Thank you very much for details!!!

    That being said, I think we must be gentle and stay polite with the support team. For a 35$ theme, it worth each penny. Cheers!


    Angular already includes the prettyphoto lightbox,. You don’t need to use any additional lightbox plugins :)


    Indeed Mr. Gridspace, its definitely worth the price. No disrespect intended. I’ll be nicer next time :)



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