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    I’ve seen a couple posts about this, but haven’t quite seen anything about the problem I’m encountering. For reasons unclear to me, my homepage slider randomly stopped showing the featured images and is now only showing the background color and won’t rotate through the images either… Any insight as to what’s going on?




    Do you have any plugins installed? Have you modified anything? Out of the box the slider should work as shown on the demo page.

    Try disabling your plugins one by one to see if any of them is conflicting with the slider.


    I don’t have any plugins installed and haven’t modified anything. It just stopped working randomly one day.


    Try to install the latest version of Broadscope – you can find the update at


    I’ve already got the latest version, or at least the same version that is available at Theme Forest.

    No ideas what’s wrong?


    The latest version of Broadscope is 1.0.6 – this site: uses 1.0 (which can be 1.0-1.0.4 because Kriesi forgot to change the version number for the first updates). I think it maybe a js conflict with the newest jquery version however we haven’t received any bug reports for 1.0.6 yet. Another possibility is that one or more files are corrupt (hoster storage problem, etc.) – you can try to upload all theme + wp files again.


    Alright. Thanks. I’ll give this a go. Will I have to re-enter all the info I’ve got on the website currently?


    That did it. Thanks!


    Glad that everything works now :)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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