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    Hi, I’m using a blog page for my homepage.

    Problem is that there are no breadcrumbs showing and so there is no green (light green thee) line that goes there, so everything moves up.

    I would like the breadcrums to show on that page also

    You are here: Homepage or something…

    thank you




    Come on people. 40$ is not so little and this is not working. I just want static page to be my homepage and to display correctly.


    Or, at least an alternative. How to put a redirect code on the homepage to redirect me to a static page?

    I’ve tried different redirection plug-ins to redirect me from index.php to some other page but it doesn’t work. Seems like index.php is not recognized as homepage? For two days I’m busting my brain over this…


    1) Go to Twicet > Blog Options and select your blog page

    2) Go to Settings > Reading and select this page (“blog page”) as static front page

    3) Open up header.php and replace following code:

    <?php if(!is_front_page() && (class_exists('simple_breadcrumb'))){ $bc = new simple_breadcrumb; }?>


    <?php if(class_exists('simple_breadcrumb')){ $bc = new simple_breadcrumb; }?>


    Thanks, but too late… I already installed another theme.



    We are very sorry to hear that. :(

    Good luck with your new theme.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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