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    I really just want ONE slider on the homepage to always show 4-5 rotating images.

    So, I created a Sticky Post called “Welcome to Dulce Candy” and then attached 4 images as featured to rotate.

    But, they are not showing in the homepage slider. They do show when I select the individual post “Welcome to DC….”.

    What is going on here?

    Also, is there a better way to hardcode in the use of the ONE image slider on the homepage or is the sticky post the only way to accomplish this?

    The site is in DEV, here is the link:




    Can anyone help me with this????

    Also, I tried to modify the CONTENT width to allow more room for my images in my blog posts.

    But it messed everything up. Please take a look.



    Please help! This site needs to go live, and I can’t with these issues!



    1) There’s no better way to create a sticky slideshow at the moment because Habitat shows the featured images of the latest post as fullwidth slideshow. Sticky posts are the only workaround which doesn’t require code modifications. I think a js error causes the slideshow problem because the php/html output is correct. Maybe try to deactivate all plugins and activate them one by one to find the conflicting one.

    2) You need to adjust the width of various background images too (you can use the included psd files to do that). I.e. images like: or are laid out for a smaller content area.


    Thanks you for the response…still having a few issues.

    I modified the files you mentioned as well as the css in areas, it is looking much better with the wider width. Actually looks great!

    But, why are the images in the blogs still scrunched up? They are set to show at 640 width and they still show width like the old setting.

    I disabled ALL PLUGINS and it didn’t make a difference. I don’t think that it is a js issue as the slider works on the individual post when you view it as a single post. It just isn’t showing up on the homepage, see:

    This is the post that I am using for the Homepage. PLEASE HELP! I am almost there just need to get these images going out the proper width and the slideshow working on the homepage.


    Please create me an admin account and send me the login data to: (Email address hidden if logged out) – I’ll look into it.

    Re image width: You can change the slider thumbnail width/height in functions.php – afterwards you need to regenerate all images with:



    I sent you the login information. Thanks!

    As far as the images. The posts with the images were imported in from Blogger. All of these images reside on Flickr and are not uploaded onto my server. They are just rendering narrower on the site, not sure why?

    One more issue. On my portfolio page (Lookbook) why don’t the images allow me to click on them and view larger images? I should see a magnifying glass when I hover over them and should be able to view full images in lightbox?



    Any progress on the HOMEPAGE SLIDER not working? I really need to get this site up ASAP!

    I see that you fixed the portfolio page so that the images now show full in lightbox, BUT, the NEXT and PREVIOUS functions aren’t working.

    Post images look great and the right size, THANKS!


    Help Please!

    See above.



    I forwarded the login details to Kriesi. I think the slider problem is caused by the long loading time on the frontpage (over 35mb and “external resources”) which may block the slider code execution. It’s the only reason I can imagine because on individual posts/pages with less traffic/images the slider starts after some seconds.


    Thank you. I hope to hear from him soon! Client is killing me for this.



    Kriesi looked into it and he couldn’t find a bug too. The problem is that the continues loading blocks the slider execution. Posts do not have the problem because you load a few images only but the homepage loads too many resources. You can easily reproduce the problem. Go to: and you’ll see the slider works now because I set the “Blog pages show at most” to 2. If you set it to 10 (default value) the website will load over 35mb from flickr first which blocks the slider code execution.

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