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    Hi there, I wondered if anyone could help me please.

    I’m really happy with everything about this theme but I’m struggling with the homepage picture. Currently if you view it on Safari then the whole picture shows (Notice the guy in the picture when you change browser)

    Now when I use Firefox or some other browser, some of his body disappears.

    What can I do??

    Website is




    Hi Tom,

    Not that I know of. The image is set to scale with the size of the browser window and shouldn’t really change with different browsers. Just to see, I took a look at the site with Firefox, IE and Chrome on my end and didn’t see any major difference.

    The man in the photo is very close to the bottom border, could it be that in Firefox you have another bookmark bar or something like that which is shrinking the view-able area of the page?





    I am terribly sorry for the delay in answering you.

    I looked at it in ie9,ff,chrome and safari. I use a 1360 wide screen laptop, so on ff i didn’t even see the guy, while on ie, safari and chrome I can see the top of his head and a shoulder, but that is only because I have a border on the bottom of ff, because otherwise the image looks the same on all browsers. for background images its always a good idea to prep them first in photoshop or some other imaging software and make their aspect ratios more inline with the proportions of an average screen, otherwise there will be cropping or blurring. Also you have a second background image that must be 2-3 megs (with some forest and waves also) on the same page and it keeps freezing my laptop. tomorrow I will get back my desktop which has better health and will look at it again.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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