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    Hi there, loving the theme!!

    I’m trying to ‘take control’ of the ‘container_wrap’ class to give my homepage a different background image to the rest of the site in that area. I can achieve it by creating a custom template but your Template Builder is brilliant, so is there any way to do this and still use the Builder?

    Appreciate any help.




    why do you need to create a new template in this case? You can use the container_wrap class for the background image. If you just want to apply the background image to the main content area use following code instead:

    background: url(....);


    Thx for the reply @dude

    That will add a background image to all pages though? I just need one on the homepage.

    The ‘container_wrap fullsize’ element is constructed outside of header.php and is created dynamically (excuse my noobness)? I have currently used ‘is_home’ within the header file to use a background image in the body element but would have preferred it in the container_wrap element. I’m also using a child theme, so I’m guessing it might not be possible without hacking your code?



    Hey slackbladder,

    You can try using the page classes that get added in by wordpress. Ex:

    #top.home #wrap_all {
    background: blue;

    All the various page class selectors are attached to the #top so you can use it to tweak individual pages pretty easily.




    @devin – what a brilliant tip!! Nice job, works a treat :)

    #top.home #main.container_wrap {
    background-image: url('');

    Thank you to you and Dude.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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