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    Is there a way of creating a landing hompage with a slideshow gallery at the top, then individual blog posts underneath. A bit like your Habitat example. Can’t see any threads to help on this issue. I have had a look. I also wanted to know how to feature a picture thumbnail with each blog post?

    Cheers for your help,



    Hi substanceone,

    If you just create a single category of posts for the home page slideshow images and then select that category to be displays in the main slideshow, it should work just how you’ve described.

    You can have large or small featured image thumbnails with the posts. You can change the option in the Slideshow Options page of the theme options.





    Thanks for your reply but, my apologies, I am not certain what you mean and feel that you have perhaps missunderstood what I am trying to do.

    Please have a quick look at my website >>

    I want my main page (landing page) to display a gallery at the top (like it currently does), with all the new blog post enteries that I place to appear automatically underneath. So instead of the ‘ABOUT’ information appearing, there will be a series of blog posts.

    My apologies for not understanding what you mean about setting up categories, but I don’t want a specific category to display as a slideshow.




    Please can you come back to me on this when you get a chance. Thanks


    Hi substanceone,

    I’m a bit confused. What you are describing is the default behavior for the theme. You would have had to actually manually set the about page to be displayed on the home page instead of the blog with a slideshow overview.

    Make sure in your WordPress Settings>Reading the option for Front Page Displays is set to your latest posts.




    Hi Devin,

    Thanks for coming back to me. You’re absolutely right, however, the default setting means that the slideshow at the top of the page changes depending on the lates blog post posted. I want the slideshow at the top to be constant, never change, with new blog posts showing underneath. Does that make sense? How can I achieve this?

    Happy to do a video skype to go through this if easier.

    Cheers for the continued support.



    Yep, as imagined, I changed my setting so that my latest posts feature on the front page display, now I have completely lost my featured slideshow. please help.



    Hi Mat,

    What you are describing would need to be created as a custom php template file. The theme alone doesn’t have support to create such a page through the admin area.

    Your previous featured slideshow should still be located on the page it was assigned to.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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