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    Is it possible to display my homepage as a staticpage(with the featured Images) so for example i want to show below the featured/header image the portfolio colums/items on my static homepage. I mean like showing the small image galleries as wel on this page?

    Also i was wondering, i don’t see a functions.php folder in the editor overview. I am trying to learn css a bit. How can i get that folder or sheet. Do i need upload the files through an ftp server? I prefer to work and make changes in the editor itself.

    Last but not least can i ad widgets to the homepage also? for example i have mailchoimp email subsription form. Can this form be show on the homepage as well or instead of the galleries.

    Hope you can help



    Hi Shai!

    1. Unfortunately Habitat is kind of an older theme and does not have that functionality. I recommend checking out our latest theme Enfold which is very feature rich and lets you build each page in whatever way you like.

    2. Hmm, it should be there. Perhaps you have a child theme activated?

    3. You would have to set them in the sidebar or the footer widget areas.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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