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    I am using Full size avia slider for home. added various images, one of which embeds video when image clicked.

    That part works but, the slider continues to roll through the series of images instead of stopping and playing the video.

    Not sure where the problem is or how to have slider stop image rotation when an image is clicked.




    can you post a link to your website please?


    sure thing dude

    video slide is 4th one


    jquery script is also crashing firefox (3.6.17), this is message I get:

    A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.


    last 2 digits change, it’s not always the same line of script that crashes.

    I tried to replace jquery files for new 1.6.1 in both wp-includes and theme files but it didn’t solve the problem.

    This started happening yesterday when I added the video and changed the slider for Fullsize Avia slider. Wasn’t doing that before i added the vid….vid is linked to youtube, not self hosted. I am waiting for solution on load time & auto play to put in self hosted version.

    Thanks dude!


    ok, I reverted back to kenburns slider…all worked fine with kenburns (slider stops rotating and video plays) but sadly, it’s not the effect I want to have for slide transitions. That is why I was using Fullsize aviaslider.

    So you can see and check where the problem lies, I have returned back to fullsize Aviaslider.

    2 things happens with Aviaslider:

    – slides don’t stop rotating when video linked image is clicked

    – jquery script crashes firefox browser. (you have to let the page sit and run for couple minutes before script crashes browser, it doesn’t crash right away and it’s always a jquery issue but affected by a diff line at end of warning).

    * Although it doesn’t crash all browsers, the slider becomes unresponsive after 8 -10 loop sets of all images. I wonder if this may not have something to do with a max loop being set at 10?

    Help pls? Thanks a lot for great theme and support :D



    I reported this thread to Kriesi yesterday. I think this issue may requires some major changes (i.e. other player for self hosted videos,etc.) – I’m sure Kriesi will report back soon.


    Hey, sorry for the late response, I have made quite a few tests and was able to reproduce the first error: slider doesnt stop rotating when a video is clicked. I will try to fix that in the next version which should arrive next week.

    However I wasnt possible to reproduce the second error. I let the slider rotate in various versions of firefox and safari for hours and they are responsive and work without any errors…

    Do you also encounter the error on my demo site or only on your local installation? Could it be possible that a plugin is interfering? are you running the latest version of wordpress?


    Hi Kriesi,

    I haven’t reverted back to aviaslider as I launched the site and don’t want things to be buggy for a little while…until my launch ads and promotions die down a bit anyways…so i don’t know if the slider is still unresponsive after a while. Your demo site didn’t seem to cause any script errors when I tested it before buying but it didn’t look as if you were using full avia slider for the vids…I think you have kenburns set up so hard for me to tell.

    I am running latest wordpress 3.2.1 and I do have a few plug-ins that I added but I didn’t have hardly any added at the time I wrote this post.

    I appreciate you taking the time to look into this and try to fix it for next update. I have since moved the entire site to a new url

    thanks! I do love this theme very much! Even with a few bugs…it’s way better than most!

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