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    I want my home page to scroll images with out having the big text box at top saying ‘Home’ when set as page, hence having it as a portfolio. I need to set this as the default page when you click the Logo but he setting (that i can see) won’t allow me to assign this portfolio as that. I basically want my home page with just the side panel/menu as it is on the sample set up on The theme forest site! Not sure if i have made myself clear, hopefully i have!

    Many thanks Noel


    Hi noelhibbert,

    What you’ll need to do is set up a page you want to use as the home page. Add your images to that pages Gallery Options>Image Gallery using the green Upload button.

    Next, choose the background slider only for the Gallery Layout and any other options below that you want.

    Last, go to the meta box called “Layout Options” to the right of the Gallery Options but below where you set the Page Attributes. Select either Mini Content area or No content area from that drop down and then save the page. The Mini content area is what is on the demo site.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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