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    I was trying to make the links that are visible on all the other pages in the sidebar, visible on the homepage. I found a code on a different forum and tried that. It didn’t change anything. I deleted and moved to a different page and this error came up:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘<‘ in /home/jeffeck1/public_html/ on line 74

    Now I can’t even log out or log back in. This is the error that comes up when the website is opened. What did I do and how can I get back into Word Press? After this is answered, I do still need help with what I was initially trying to do. Please Help!!!



    Have you modified functions.php at all?

    On line 74 there is a < which shouldn’t be there, if you have modified the file please find and remove this code; if you haven’t modified the file I recommend re-downloading the theme package and copying over the functions.php file from there.



    We were able to get that fixed. Thanks James!

    Now, is there a way we can have the links in the sidebar that are shown on all our other pages, also shown on the homepage?



    You could use the Links Widget or even a Text Widget adding the links there.



    Are we able to display pictures? We have the logos on all the other pages and can go to their website by clicking on the logo. I’m not good with codes so if there is a code to do this, would you be able to post it?



    you can use text widgets in the mainpage columns – just go to Display Options > Mainpage Options and choose “widget” in the drop down box. Then go to Appearance > Widget and drag’n’drop a text widget in the right widget area. You can insert image links with your logos like:

    <a href=""><img src="my-logo.jpg" alt="logo" title "logo" /></a>


    Thanks for the code. It works great for the rest of the pages but still isn’t showing up on the homepage next to the slider. How can I get the sidebar to show on the homepage? Or is it not possible with the Display theme?



    By default, the sidebar isn’t loaded on the homepage.

    You can however, adjust index.php to load the sidebar, though you’d need to change a fair bit of code to adjust the layout and resize the slider etc.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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