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    As stated in the title my home page has glitched some what- and won’t load the actual media content take a look:

    I’m on the latest version of wordpress so i’m not sure how to fix this without re-uploading the theme and starting from scratch. Any advice? It’s been fine for the past 8 months with no problems annnd now this….


    Hi harveywalton,

    You should never update WordPress without checking if all your plugins and theme are compatible with the newest version. This is always important to remember with wordpress and even more so when going up an actual version number (3.4.x to 3.5 and later 3.6).

    A couple of things, your Corona theme files are out of date and should be updated to the most recent release of 1.4. Version 1.3 was the update to make the theme compatible with WordPress 3.4+ and 1.4 has a big security update for the framework.

    The main issue I see on your site is that the cdn isn’t pulling up the javascript file for your site and I’m not sure what dependency requires it but that is probably the root of the error. See:

    Look into that and make sure to download the most recent version of the theme from Themeforest from your Downloads. You can update just like you first installed the theme and if you’ve made any changes to the theme files themselves, you’ll have to re-add in those changes. You can also update only those files that have been changed in the theme by looking at the version.rtf that comes in the main package you download from theme forest.




    Could you possibly link me to the Framework update for version 1.4?


    It will be the Framework folder in the most recent version of the theme files you download from your Downloads on themeforest. We don’t have a separately hosted repository for them but you can then just try replacing that folder on your live host.


    So if i just re-download the theme from the downloads section in theory the theme should already be up to date? I’m trying to sort the issue out with my host so far that’s what they have suggested.



    Yes exactly. Themeforest will always distribute the latest version of the theme.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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