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    I opened website and find that home page disappear. Any idea why its happened?



    Check Replete > Theme Options > Frontpage Settings, select your homepage.

    Did you change the permalink settings?




    no, i did not make any changes

    looks like my home pages disappear from ‘pages’ section. now created this page and all ok now.

    how i can check who deleted it?

    because i have 2 people like administrator.



    Maybe you can use server/ip logs to check who deleted it. You can also use a plugin like but this won’t help you in the current case…




    I am having this same problem. I deleted he original home page, because there were 2 that were showing up and I did;t understand why, since I never adjusted that. So nw I have added the home page back and am trying to link it as the front page, but its not working. I save it but when I try to preview change, the webpage doesnt show. How can I fix this? Is there any way to load the original home page template?

    link to site:




    Hi Sandra,

    Make sure you are selecting the correct home page and that there isn’t a conflict with a secondary home page still in the trash of your pages.

    Another option would be to try creating an entirely new page with a custom name that is unrelated to everything to make sure you can set the front page correctly using the theme options.

    But as far as recovering a page after deletion, the only way to do that is to pull it from the wordpress>pages>trash and if you’ve deleted it from there its completely unrecoverable.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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