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    How do I get the arrow above the slideshow to point to the “Home” item on my menu when visitors pull up:

    It only works with the following:



    You will need to change to the default “Home” page.

    go to : Settings –> Reading, Static Page ,and select the page that you want



    Thanks so much. That did the trick!


    Actually, once I made that change, a vertical line appears before our company name on the browser tab. Do you know how to fix this?



    You can also set the frontpage by going to Coherence > Theme Options > and selecting your page under the “Frontpage Settings” dropdown.

    The vertical line is a part of the page title. Check Settings > General > Site Title and make sure the title and description are entered correctly. Another option to try is going to Settings > Reading and switch back to static page then go to Coherence > Theme Options and change your settings there. Finally, if that doesn’t work you may also want to look at a SEO plugin such as WordPress SEO where you can manually enter the page title which will overwrite any default settings.

    Hope this helps!




    Thanks, Mya.

    This was helpful


    Hi jehassociates,

    Glad that Mya helped you. :)



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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