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    In testing and trying to figure out the icon and columns issue (other support ticket) I have now somehow ended up with a and a page – which is rendering incorrectly. The home page should be the root of the domain. Any idea how I can fix this?

    I tried going to the reading setting and instead of “your latest posts” changed it to be a static page “home” page, but then the page doesn’t render properly so that can’t be it :)

    Many thanks for all the great support!



    Go to Appearance > Menu. Remove the Home menu item then replace it with the actual Home page.




    That’s what I had – I created content for the home page then added that page to the menu. It created when it was clicked on.

    I did some research and see that what I needed to do was create a custom link menu vs adding a page to the menu and put the root domain in as the URL and that seems to work.



    Hey achieve1,

    Glad you were able to find the solution. I believe that is what Ismael was attempting to explain but we tend to use short descriptions for tasks we do often so it doesn’t always come across quite clear enough :)



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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